How to Set Up Google Authenticator on PC

To provide our users with a second security layer, BXB uses Google Authenticator as our Two-factor authentication method,  This will help us reconfirm your identity as well as make it harder for attackers to access your account and reduces fraud risks. 

Notice: Before activating Google Authentication, please make sure you have download the Google Authenticator on your phone.

iOS: Search “Google Authenticator” in the app store. (iOS Google Authenticator)

Android: Search “Google Authenticator” in the Google Play store. (Android Google Authenticator)


The steps for activating Google Authenticator and your BXB account is as follows:

  1. Make sure that the Google Authenticator is successfully installed on your phone. After you have registered your account, login again to the exchange and you will see the [KYC and Security Authentication Process] window pop up. In this page you will see the seed serial number and the QR code that you will use bind Google Authenticator.
  2. Open Google Authenticator on your phone and click the ‘+’ on the top right of the app. You then need to manually  enter the number that is shown on your screen or scan the QR code. Once completed, this will bind your account to Google Authenticator.
  3. If bounded successfully, you will see a 6-digit code generated by Google Authenticator. You will need to enter this code to where it says ‘Please enter your Google Authenticator’. Once you have entered the code, click the ‘Bind Google Authenticator’ button.

Notice: Please make sure to save the seed serial number in a safe place as this is the only proof of recovery if anything were to happen to your phone. Losing this code will require you to go through a lengthy process to regain access to your account, so please make sure to keep this somewhere safe.