After listing Coinshare on the 8th of September as a USDT pair, the BXB team followed up with Coinshare at their official launch event in Rome and Milan on the 15th! Coinshare holders and evangelists, as well as those curious about the project all congregated at the event space slightly outside of the hectic center of Rome. Kwun, CEO of BXB Exchange, took the stage together with CMO Chloe Li and Head of Western Europe, Angelica Finatti (an Italian herself) to tell the audience about why Coinshare chose BXB exchange to be their first exchange listing since last year.


It seemed like the Coinshare crowd were really interested in BXB Exchange and BXB’s revolutionary way of trading - Tap Trading.


Coinshare is, according to their website, “a collaborative shopping platform. Every time you buy, you get cash back in cryptocurrency for your purchase and also for any purchase made by the people who you have introduced. The stores, both physical and online, have an interface to increase their customer base thanks to the Coinshare community. They also accumulate and earn from purchases made by their customers in the stores of the circuit. When you join the Coinshare community, you became a Sharer, because you share your benefits among your friends – who you have introduced to Coinshare – and vice versa. Sharers receive extra earnings every day thanks to an algorithm that rewards the most active participants. So, you – the customer – are happy. The merchant is also happy, because it attracts more customers. The blockchain provides maximum transparency to you, your friends and the merchant.”

But Coinshare wasn’t the only thing on the menu for BXB’s visit to Italia – BXB is rapidly expanding in Europe and wanted to see whether Italians were digging crypto as much as they love digging into pasta. It seems that the Italian government itself hasn’t imposed any stringent regulations on crypto until now – which is always a good sign! Overall, Italians seem to be ready and willing to embrace crypto and all the asset portfolio diversification it offers. This is indicated especially by a lot of fiat to crypto providers who have recently emerged ready to meet the demands of those Italians wanting to change their traditional cash, to digital assets.