BXB’s Angelica Finatti recently visited Berlin Blockchain Week 2019 in August. Unlike some other blockchain events and conferences that are aimed at networking for market players and leaders, the Berlin event was focused on education regarding the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. It was the perfect place for BXB as BXB Exchange’s very mission statement is to make cryptocurrency trading more accessible to non-traders and blockchain newbies.

Keeping with the theme of blockchain, many of the events themselves were decentralized, spread all over Berlin. Blockchain was done the Berlin way with some venues being as idyllic as outside on the grass, and some as historic as being curated underground. Check out some photos we took from the event below! 

Germany has long been a front runner in all things tech, and they are no different when it comes to blockchain. Unlike some governments that are choosing to keep their silence when it comes to making decisions about crypto, Berlin has very publicly denounced Libra and other stablecoins stating that creating a currency cannot be left to a private entity. Other currencies such as bitcoin and altcoins, however, are seen as speculative goods and therefore are cleared by national regulations. In fact, Burger King recently made news by making online delivery of their burgers payable via bitcoin.

At Berlin Blockchain Week 2019, BXB had the chance to share discussions with DAO stack, a decentralized token and community, Harmony, a proof-of-stake decentralized blockchain mainnet, Lympo, a blockchain solution for fitness gamification that rewards users for making healthy choices and being fit, as well as many others. We were excited to be sharing how BXB, through our trademark Tap Trading application makes trading accessible, easy to understand, and fun to engage with. 

BXB recently released the German version of the BXB app as well as the BXB website.

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