Our team headed to Amsterdam for Europe’s biggest Blockchain Expo in 2019, we were excited to see the rising acceptance and popularity of blockchain technology…

On the 19th of June BXB Exchange attended the Blockchain Europe Expo in Amsterdam. We were proud to be showcasing our cutting edge, new to market, platform which features the best cryptocurrency trading app for beginners – tap trading. BXB Exchange was exhibiting alongside commercial giants such as Intel, Microsoft, as well as cryptocurrency community leaders such as Ravencoin.




Of the thousands of attendees visiting our booth we heard questions ranging from: “how do I start trading cryptocurrency” , “what is bitcoin”, to “what is your leverage trading for bitcoin like”? It was obvious to us that not only was Blockchain technology being implemented in every industry across the board, but that cryptocurrency was becoming a very mass-accessible form of currency and currency speculation for traders.

And it’s no surprise, about 324 Billion USD in world capital is held in cryptocurrency assets. To put it in perspective – that’s slightly more than the entire national GDP of Singapore! However, though there is a lot of money being traded in the cryptocurrency world – that market is currently dominated by professional and insititutional traders. BXB Exchange is passionate and proud of our platform which makes cryptocurrency trading, and specifically bitcoin trading simplified for everybody.

People were surprised when we announced that sharks were banned on our platform and that our tap trading interface (seconds-based, leveraged bitcoin trading) came with a tutorial on how to trade bitcoin, as well as the lowest trading fees on the market.

We ran a campaign that allowed visitors to start trading bitcoin without money – just to try the experience! Of course, we had real giveaways for some lucky winners. Our cryptocurrency trading algorithms are the fastest in the market and the best part is that it is not for the big sharks who want to speculate on small traders’ money.

Between the networking, the Q&As, the competitions, speeches, announcements, drinks, and giveaways we were very inspired to be amongst the people driving technology forward into the future. We are excited to continue building our communities across the globe with cryptocurrency events and meet ups scheduled all around the world – so stay tuned!