On the 8th of August, 2019, at the Lounge-x Café in Gangnan, Seoul (South Korea), CEO & CMO Kwun Phite locke and Chloe Li flew to Seoul to represent BXB exchange at our first Korea offline tap trading competition and meetup. In attendance were traders, crypto consultants, projects, Korea’s top crypto youtuber DooriDoori, Korea’s top crypto blogger IndigoChild as well as influencers Yalli (who you might know as the coin rooster) and Coinpie.

The highlight of the event was the tap trading competition where we gave away the equivalent of 400 USD in CASH prizes to the five lucky winners of the night. At the MC’s mark (Blockchainer’s Ronny Jung) “start trading!”, traders fell into a complete silence as they tapped away at the sleek buy, sell, and close all buttons on the BXB app. Winners were delivered their prizes by the Lounge’x robot in a truly digital new age style.  

Before the start of the competition, BXB exchange’s CEO Kwun introduced the functionalities of the exchange as well as BXB’s commitment to the crypto community. Specifically, traders were able to find out about BXB’s fastest order speeds, highest leverage capabilities, and lowest trading fees. Also introduced was the BXB ‘we don’t close out winners’ policy, which is in stark contrast to how other exchanges close out top winners when traders at bottom positions get wrecked.  

BXB was also happy to connect with projects in attendance about the vast liquidity that BXB exchange can offer, as well as collaborative marketing campaigns, and a return on trading fees (dependent on quality of project) from their communities’ trades. There to share Ravencoin’s experience about their recent listing with BXB exchange was Ravencoin’s community manager Bradar.

At a time when Korea is looking aggressively to expand into the Southeast Asia market, BXB exchange can offer an existing user base in the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. Interested projects were able to speak to our head of Korea & Japan, Haena Kim, and schedule further conversations for collaboration.